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Contemporary Dance. No other Art form in the last decades has experienced such a movement of artists and no other "scene" has developed a comparable creativity. One may certainly say dancers and choreographers are the most important ambassadors of the inter-cultural dialogue. danceWEB Europe - this integration of European dance institutions (such as Southbank Centre London and CCN Montpellier) committed itself wholly to the promotion of contemporary dance and its artists. danceWEB Europe intends to make a contribution on a European level, it wants to close the gap between an international effective dance scene and traditional education system. Dancers and choreographers find here the support and orientation they need for their artistic careers.

Enhanced Scholarship Programme

The core of danceWEB Europe is the scholarship programme for contemporary dance, which was founded back in 1996. The idea of this programme is to reduce the financial and social hierarchy between cultures and make artistic investments in the future possible. Every year 50 talented dancers get the opportunity to improve their skills and revamp their dance portfolio. In a still rising number of applications, annually more than 1000 artists from over 70 countries run for a danceWEB scholarship, which is imbedded in the framework of the ImPulsTanz Vienna International Dance Festival each summer.

The programme's main focus is on the exchange of ideas and knowledge, not limited by national boarders, on concentrated further training, on meeting with internationally renowed artists such as David Zambrano, Mathilde Monnier, Wim Vandekeybus, Willi Dorner or Akram Khan. In this multicultural atmosphere not seldom seminal collaborations are made, as some of the danceWEBers find here a dance partner to work with, exchange experiences, find new ideas and inspirations.


danceWEB Europe considers technology as an important tool to enhance the awareness for contemporary dance through the mass media. This is why danceWEB Europe is putting a lot of effort in making its website a year-around information platform for the dance scene including an extensive video gallery and a comprehensive event database, where auditions, workshops and performances from all over the world can be found. Among other measurements, danceWEB Europe produced short documentaries on contemporary dance performances, their protagonists and their situation on and off stage for TV to give a broad audience a better understanding of this art form and what happens behind the scenes.

Coproduction / Touring

This initiative is intended for emerging European choreographers and dancers with the aim to improve their production conditions and to foster cultural diversity within Europe by supporting multinational projects.
The network partners of danceWEB europe bring in their expertise to encourage and support promising creations of newcomers, from the development to the touring, also by helping the artists to feature their production to a broad audience. 

Both, the co-production and the touring programme, are also an incentive measure for network partners, who are either dance institutions with their own venues or dance festivals, to give young choreographers the opportunity to perform pieces but also to work at new projects in residencies. By supporting projects like [8:tension], ex.erce and hors series, danceWEB Europe is aiming at the furtherance of emerging artists and avant-garde developements in the European performing arts field.


danceWeb Europe is a non profit association based in Vienna which is the project leader of Enhanced danceWEB Europe. With the support of the Culture 2000 programme of the European Union, the network has developed an encompassing project focusing on a large range of activities mentioned above.

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